Tasting Angel Food

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Angel Food

This week and the very first week of my wine journey, I am trying a white wine called Angel Food. Here are some fast facts on the wine:

Variety: Chardonnay, Viognier and others.

Region: California

Country: United States of America

Year: 2015

Price: $14

Review From Vineyard:Our Angel Food is a luscious, aromatic white blend made from premium grapes from our sun-drenched vineyards in California. Delightfully reminiscent of Angel Food cake, this wine has flavors of Granny Smith apple, vanilla bean and toasted coconut that culminate in a creamy mouthfeel. Enjoy with spicy Buffalo wings, chicken quesadillas or caramel popcorn on your next movie night.”

Sierra’s Review:

Personally, I am a huge fan of sweet white wines. I had not tried Angel Food before this week, but I have had other Cupcake Vineyards wine and I am a huge fan of their sweet white wines. I chilled the wine overnight in my refrigerator and then I cracked open the bottle with my roommate the next night.

At first smell, I could smell the sweet aroma of this wine. However, when I took my first sip, it was more bitter than I expected a sweet white wine to be. At first sip, it was not my favorite, but after moving on to my second glass I started liking it and getting used to the taste. I ended up really liking it and drinking it again the next night.

One wine down and thousands of more to go!

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