My Journey To Becoming A Wine Connoisseur

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Castello Del Poggio time!

It’s finally the end of August which means summer is officially over and it’s time for school to start again. This semester is a little bittersweet because it is the start of my senior year! One exciting part of this semester is that I get the chance to take Geography of Wine, which is going to allow me to learn more about the world of wine and hopefully step out of my comfort zone and try different wines. I am excited to document this journey and tell y’all about the wines I try and even some pairings like cheese and other food that fit with it.

I just turned 21 in February, so the list of the wines I have tried is not a long one (or at least not extensive since I tend to stick to my favorites). Last semester, I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in Spain, aka the place where wine is basically the same as water to Spaniards. There’s nothing quite like being able to walk over to Más, the grocery store, and spend two Euros on a bottle of white fizzy Moscato that actually tastes good.

One of my favorite things to do is come home from my internship and crack open a bottle of either Cupcake Moscato or Castello Del Poggio Moscato and sit on my couch with my roommate and puppy while watching 90210. Sweet white wine is pretty much the only wine I have tried just because I love it so much.

I am looking forward to actually learning more about the wines I drink, knowing more about where they come from and more. This year I want to step out of my comfort zone and try more than my typical sweet white wine. Who knows, maybe I’ll even try a red wine and become more like my dad by the end of this semester (that is a scary thought). Stay tuned on this adventure and maybe even find your new favorite wine with me!

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