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8 Must Try Tapas In Granada, Spain

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As most of you know, I recently took a trip to Granada, Spain, for a weekend trip with my study abroad program, ISA. It was such a beautiful city, and I fell in love with it even during my short three-day stay. I told y’all all about my adventures, so I figured the next thing I tell you about this city should be the one thing everyone loves: food!

One of my favorite things about Granada is that when you order a drink (alcohol, bottled water, soda) at a restaurant or bar, you also get a free tapa. Most of the time you get whatever tapa your waiter brings you, but sometimes they let you pick out which one you want to try out. Tapas are one of the many things Spain is known for. They are basically just mini dishes, which means they are perfect for buying a few to share with friends and to try out a variety of Spanish delicacies.

So in no particular order, here are some of the must try tapas to eat in Granada:

1. Paella

Paella is a dish that Spain is famous for, so make sure you try this out as a full-sized meal as well as tapa-sized. Usually, they include seafood since Spain has some incredible fresh fish thanks to their coastal cities. When I got the paella in tapa form, it was just rice, peppers and some type of meat.

2. Mini Chicken Sandwiches with Olives

The olives here are so yummy, but they all have the seeds still inside, which I am not a fan of at all. The mini chicken sandwiches were super yummy though.

3. Ham and Cheese Croquetas

The hands-down best Spanish tapa in the country are ham and cheese croquetas. These ham and cheese croquetas are just friend mashed potatoes with ham and cheese in them. I think I will miss this Spanish delicacy the most when I go back to the United States.

4. Fried Hard Boiled Eggs

I am so glad I did not know what this dish was before I ate it. I usually refuse to eat hard boiled eggs because I think they are gross, but this dish was so yummy. It was simply a fried, hard boiled egg with a super delicious sauce over it.

5. Mini Hamburgers with Potato Chips

Homemade potato chips might just be food from the heavens. They are oh so yummy. The mini hamburgers were super yummy too; they were basically just a little piece of bread, a tomato slice and a ball of hamburger meat on top.

6. Ham and Cheese Potato Omelette

This was my first time having this Spanish dish “Tortilla de Patatas” with ham and cheese. It was yummy, but I am going to be honest with y’all…my homestay dad makes the best tortilla de patatas (aka potato omelette) in the whole world. So y’all are missing out.

7. Patatas Bravas

Such a simple dish, yet so yummy. This Spanish dish is potato wedges covered in a spicy tomato sauce mixed with sour cream.

8. Fried Pork and Pepper Balls with French Fries

I compare the taste of this Spanish dish to the equivalent of the American dish, pigs in a blanket without the spiciness. Plus, who does not love a simple side of yummy french fries?

Let me know your favorite tapas from Granada in the comments!

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