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5 Of My Favorite Adventures In Granada

Hi loves!

This weekend I went on a trip with my study abroad program, ISA, to Córdoba and Granada. I am so excited to tell y’all all about my adventures in Granada because I absolutely fell in love with this city during my short stay here. This beautiful southern Spanish city is definitely worth the trip and you will not want to miss out if you ever get the chance to adventure in Spain.

After spending most of the day Friday in Córdoba, we did not have that much time in Granada on Friday, but we still made the most of it. After settling into our hotel, our group took a long (like very long) walk up to this incredible viewpoint where we got to see La Alhambra and the city of Granada under the night sky.

Our next stop was…

1. Flamenco

When one comes to Spain, you simply cannot miss out on an authentic flamenco show. I was lucky enough to snag a front row seat on the floor directly in front of the dancers. When I say directly in front of the dancers, I mean close enough where I could literally see their sweat (yes, gross I know). We got to watch three women and two male flamenco dancers perform in traditional flamenco attire. They were accompanied by a guitarist and a male and female vocalist. There was so much passion in their movements and it was incredible to watch them. This was such a fun experience.

The next sight to see was…

2. La Alhambra

The Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex that was later turned into a royal palace for the Sultan of Granada. When the Christians later conquered most of Spain, it was then the Royal Court of Ferdinand and Isabella. There are still remains of the Islamic architecture, but the gardens and some buildings are now symbols of Christian architecture. The Alhambra is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

La Alhambra has to be one of the more gorgeous historical sites I have seen so far on my adventures. Everything from the gardens to the architecture absolutely took my breath away. The viewpoints from the top of the buildings are literally out of this world. I was in awe of the work of our creator when I looked out at the city of Granada. My favorite viewpoint might come with a little bias from my side because it was the snowy tops of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The pictures do not do this view justice in the slightest. Ps it was just a little windy up there…

Our next stop was…

3. The Royal Chapel of Granada

Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand were beloved royalty of Spain. It is only fitting that the Royal Chapel of Granada is a humble, yet incredibly intricate and beautiful chapel where Isabella and Ferdinand are buried. Sadly, photographs inside the building are not permitted, but let me tell you, this chapel is stunning. From the altar where it shows the deaths of Jesus Christ and his disciples to the simplistic details of the walls, it is all beautiful. You can even go down and see the tombs of the famous Catholic Monarchs.

The next sight to see was…

4. The Cathedral of Granada

Another city, and another beautiful cathedral. I have been lucky enough to visit the main cathedral in every city I have been to, so you would think I would get tired of seeing them, but I never do. The Cathedral of Granada is another beautiful cathedral that does not disappoint. It was simple wight walls with black and white floors, but the main altar was a gorgeous gold centerpiece of the church. I did not get to see it up close because we went on a Sunday, which means mass was taking place, but I am lucky I still got to go inside and check out this beautiful building.

Our final stop was…

5. Tapa Bars

One thing I love about Granada is that when you order a drink, you get a free tapa. Tapas are basically little meals and are a Spanish tradition. So my roommate Aly and I ended our last couple hours in Spain bar hopping to try out Granada’s white wine and a variety of yummy tapas which included: mini hamburgers with homemade potato chips, fried hard boiled eggs in a yummy sauce, ham and cheese croquetas (my personal favorites), mini chicken burgers, paella and mini pizzas.

I fell in love with Granada during this weekend and I cannot wait to go back someday. Have you ever been to Granada? Comment below and tell me all about your experiences!

In need of more ideas for what to do in Granada? Check out Museuly’s list of things to do.


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26 thoughts on “5 Of My Favorite Adventures In Granada

  1. I will be honest, i had never heard of Granada before i read your post. But now i am in love with the place, after reading your post.

  2. Yes x1000! I love Granada, and never say no to a visit. The Alhambra is stunning and a must see, as is an authentic flamenco show. A lovely read!

  3. Granada is such as amazing city! I went there earlier this year and cannot wait to go back and indulge in all that delicious free tapas. I know what you mean about the flamenco shows, I’ve never been to such an intimate performance!… I swear some of the guys sweat came flying or way! ha 🙂

  4. I actually read this article with utmost attention word by word, all coz I am heading to Granada in a week’s time. Being from a different culture and country I didn’t know much about flamenco. All thanks to you, I would be going for the same!! but how do I reserve the seat? or I just go and attend any?

    1. Aw thank you! You will love Granada so much! I’m actually not 100 percent sure because my school bought our tickets, but there seemed to be many shows around that you could probably walk into & ask them for showtimes/tickets.

  5. I love Spain and have been there twice but never to Granada and your post make me want to visit it because it seems a beautiful place! I liked especially the cathedral and the royal chapel parts.

  6. Granada looks amazing with such magnificent architecture of the old buildings and rich history and culture as well. I’d love to check it out and immerse myself in the traditions practised by the local people as well. By the way, the tapas look great! 🙂

  7. Wow, Granada is amazing! There is so much to see and you article has given me great tips! I will definitely check out the Royal Chapel, the Cathedral, and well you know, tapa bars. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Granada looks so rich with culture! I’m planning a road trip around Spain some time next year so I’ve saved this post as I’d love to see the Flamenco dancing.

  9. Is never heard of Granada before but it looks so quaint and pretty, especially the chapel. Looks like you had a wonderful time 😊

  10. Great article! Granada has been on my bucket list forever and I can’t wait to explore the Flamenco and the great tapas. The chapel looks very beautiful as well, must be very impressive!

  11. This makes me feel so overwhelmed with wanderlust. I have yet to visit Spain and Granada is high on my list. I will be dreaming of tapas until the time comes. Happy travels!

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