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Spontaneous Moments In Seville

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Do you want to know one of my favorite parts of traveling? It is not the planned out moments, but the little spontaneous and unexpected moments that seem to lead me to memories that I will remember forever. Luckily, I had one of those special moments this weekend with my roommate on my study abroad trip with ISA in Seville, Spain.

We started off a beautiful Saturday with a walk to one of our favorite parts of the city, Plaza Nueva, which is where you can find anything you could ever imagine. Yummy restaurants, gelato galore, special sights like the cathedral and lots more. My roommate and I went to lunch at an “authentic” Mexican restaurant (sidenote: I miss Tex-Mex). Their fajitas were oh so yummy. Then, we found a little store called Taste of America, which sells exactly what you would think, snacks from America. I found Dr. Pepper and Reese’s so I was so content with our little find of the day.

After that mini adventure of the day, we started heading back to our host families house. On our way, we noticed a large crowd of people and music filling the streets. Street performers are a common thing here, so we did not think anything about it at first. The large crowd of people seemed to continue growing, so we decided to get closer and see what was going on.

Much to our surprise, we found out that there was a parade going on in the middle of the street! The parade consisted of decorated cars blaring music out of them, women and men dancing behind the cars to the music and the dancers dressed in beautiful costumes from head to toe with the most vibrant colors.

We found a group of dancers getting ready and we asked them what the parade was. The dancers replied and told us their group represented Bolivia and the parade as a whole was a celebration of Latin American heritage. We were so gracious for their information and they even took a picture with us which was such a sweet gesture.

Once we actually knew what was going on, we enjoyed the parade that much more. It was so fun to see a variety of stunning costumes and different dances with each group representing a different country from Latin America. These little moments make me fall more in love with this city more and more each time.

This gets me excited for the parades during the last week of the month of March for Semana Santa, aka Holy Week. I cannot wait! Seville, you are incredible.

Are you in need of some ideas for what to do in Seville for those planned moments? Mrs. Bosman has a great three-day itinerary for my favorite city in Spain.

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17 thoughts on “Spontaneous Moments In Seville

  1. Spontaneous moments are the best moments and often the most precious memories are made spontaneously. The parade looks so colourful and fun. Bet you are glad you ran into it!

  2. lovely colors of the dresses! looks like a great day out. I’m surprised you found a place selling Reeses and Dr. Pepper in Seville! I bet it was expensive though, right? American food abroad is always super pricey!

  3. I love the unexpected finds!! Don’t get me wrong planning is my favorite thing to do with trips, but I also leave plenty of days open to hopefully find some unexpected adventures!!!

  4. This is one of the reasons why I prefer to take long walks instead of taking the bus when traveling. Love spontaneous moments, getting lost and finding usual spots, and observing strangers do their stunts in public.

  5. The BEST memories I have had are almost always spontaneous moments shared with friends and family. Seville is such a lovely place to visit, indeed.

  6. You are so lucky to have been able to experience this festival! What a happy occurrence 🙂 Seville is high on my travel bucket list. I watched an Anthony Bourdin episode on it once, and have been interested to go ever since. Loved your post and beautiful colourful photographs!!

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