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Carnaval de Cádiz

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This weekend I got to experience my first solo trip (from the school, don’t worry I went with my roommate) to a nearby city. We went to Cádiz for a huge festival: Carnaval de Cádiz. My roommate and I ended up booking this trip through Discover Excursions, and it was about 20 Euros to have a bus pick us up in Seville at 7 p.m., take us to Cádiz and then bring us back to Seville at 6 a.m.

Basically, I would describe Carnival de Cádiz to people from the United States as a mix between Mardi Gras and Halloween. Everyone wears costumes and you will definitely stand out if you do not wear one. Luckily, my roommate and I found a cute little store with costumes and decided to be aliens.

When we arrived, the streets were filled with lots of people (extremely drunk people I might add), remnants of confetti on the ground, bright lights, balloons and the craziest costumes you could imagine. There was everything from unicorns to Mario, pajamas to mimes, and everything in between.

Carnival is definitely something I am glad that I got to experience and see with my own eyes. I cannot say that I would ever want to go again, but I am happy that I can say I have been.

Are you planning on making a trip down to Cádiz for the Carnaval? Here are just a few tips to ensure that you have an incredible experience:

Tips for Carnaval de Cádiz:

1. Find a crazy costume.

The crazier the costume, the better! You will look super out of place (and scream tourist) if you do not wear a costume. When in Spain…

2. Make sure your costume has two things: comfort and warmth.

If you go to Carnaval, especially at night like I did, you will most likely be cold and you will definitely be walking a whole lot to catch a glimpse of the whole city. Make sure that you wear comfy shoes and make sure that your costume keeps you warm otherwise you will be miserable.

3. Wear shoes that can get dirty.

This is really gross, but there are not many accessible bathrooms at night. This means that many people will just go to the bathroom wherever they please. So pretty much I promise you that you will want to wear shoes that you really do not care about getting dirty because chances are they will be extremely gross.

4. Find the local hidden gems.

The best way to truly experience a city is to yes see the touristy areas, but also make sure you find the local hidden gems if you want to have an authentic experience.

5. Have so much fun!

Carnaval is what you make it! Go in with a positive attitude, maybe add some liquid courage and then go have some fun with the city of Cádiz!

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