Tasting Mango Strawberry Moscato

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Mango Strawberry Moscato

Another wine tasting and another Moscato….are we surprised? You probably shouldn’t be at this point if you’ve been following along. It’s like I really love Moscato wine or something? Anyways enough of the sarcasm, this weeks wine tasting led me to try a Mango Strawberry Moscato from ArborMist. It sounded super yummy and I was excited to try it.

Variety: Muscat

Region: New York

Country: United States of America

Year: Non-vintage

Price: $6

Vineyard Review:

“Delightfully sweet, this mixture of light-bodied Moscato, juicy mango and luscious strawberry flavors delivers smooth and refreshing taste.”

Sierra’s Review:

If you want a cheap, sweet white wine with strong fruity flavors, this wine is the one for you. The flavors of Strawberry and Mango are obvious when you smell and taste this Moscato. It’s fruitiness mixed with sweetness makes it easy to drink and sip on. It kind of has a weird aftertaste, but that is the price you pay with cheap wines.

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