Thanksgiving Dinner At Home

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Sierra and Ollie Pre-Thanksgiving Meal

I hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving filled with family, food and of course – wine. Since this is my first Thanksgiving as a 21-year-old who can purchase alcohol, I figured I would bring the wine to the Thanksgiving festivities at my Nana’s house this year. I found a great article from Wine Folly for the best wines to pair with Thanksgiving meals and used that to decide which wines to select for the evening.



I decided to start off the pre-food festivities with a nice bottle of champagne since it goes well with anything. I chose a brut champagne from André, which is from California. A dry, sparkling wine that I thought was the perfect way to prepare my palette for the yummy food I was about to eat. I decided to turn the champagne into mimosas for my family and they were delicious. I mixed the champagne, cranberry juice and apple cider to make a bless-mosa.

Champagne + Cranberry Juice + Apple Cider

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

For our Thanksgiving meal, I chose a 2016 Pinot Noir from Mirassou Winery in California. I could definitely tell it was aged in an oak barrel since I could taste and smell the vanilla and oak flavors. Pinot Noir is known for bringing out the flavors of turkey, and it definitely did just that. I honestly was not a huge fan of this Pinot Noir, but I did like how it paired with the turkey and brought out its smokey flavors. I’m just not a huge red wine girl, but I am trying to expand my horizons and drink more of it.

Pinot Noir with Thanksgiving Dinner

Stella Peach

Stella Peach

Last but definitely not least, I had to select a wine for the best part of the meal – dessert! There is only one day of the year that I eat pie and Thanksgiving is that day. I chose a Stella Peach, a semi-sweet white wine to pair with the pumpkin pie. The Stella Peach was from Stella Rosa Vineyards and a product from Northern Italy. It’s a yummy Moscato wine that tasted and smelled exactly like a peach. It was pretty sweet, so I wasn’t a huge fan of drinking it while eating my pumpkin pie. However, I liked it a lot when I drank it separately from the pie.

Stella Peach with Pumpkin Pie

I had a great time eating, drinking and sharing my new knowledge of wine with my family this Thanksgiving. They were all impressed that I knew how to describe the wines I was drinking and laughed at my little sniff and swirl. I think everyone enjoyed my wine selections paired with my Nana’s delicious food, so I would call that a win. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Abbott Family’s Thanksgiving

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