Tasting White Zinfandel

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White Zinfandel

Now that Oklahoma grocery stores can finally sell wine, I decided to try some wine from Trader Joe’s this weekend. They have super yummy food, so why not try out the wine? So I grabbed a couple of bottles to test out, but this post is all about the Charles Shaw Blend of White Zinfandel from California.

Variety: Zinfandel

Region: California

Country: United States

Year: 2016

Price: $2

Outside Review:

“There’s no other way to describe the taste of the Two-Buck Chuck white zinfandel as anything but strawberry Jolly Ranchers. And it’s strong — almost like a flat strawberry wine cooler. If that doesn’t bother you, and you’re a fan of white zinfandel in general, than you’ll almost certainly enjoy this. It’s the perfect wine to have on hand for a summer barbecue after the good stuff has run out.”

Sierra’s Review:

The pretty pink color and the price led me to this bottle of White Zinfandel at Trader Joe’s. The initial berry aroma made me excited to take my first sip ever of this California White Zinfandel. The flavors I got from this wine were berry, specifically strawberry, a hint of rose and a slight hint of vanilla. It’s still a pretty light wine, but it seemed to be fuller than most of the sweet wines that I love. Overall, I enjoyed it and was very impressed at how good and cheap it was.

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