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One Week In Spain

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If you had asked me a year ago if I thought I would ever get the chance to study abroad in Spain, I probably would have laughed. I am a homebody and I would never have imagined that I could thrive in a country that is over 4,000 miles from my family and friends. Today marks a full week that I have been in Spain! This accomplishment might not be a big one to you, but to those who know me…it is pretty amazing that I have not called my parents asking for a plane ticket back home by now.

I have seen more and experienced more things in a week than I probably have in my entire life. From Madrid to Toledo and now Seville. It honestly feels like I am in a dream. I am beyond blessed that I have this incredible opportunity. Do not get me wrong, I am homesick beyond belief. I miss my family and friends more than anything, but I know that God brought me to Spain for a reason and I cannot wait to see what the reason is. I am ready for this season of growth with my relationship with Christ, my studies in Spanish and growing up personally.

These past four days in Seville have literally been a dream.

I got to tour the Catedral de Sevilla, which is insanely beautiful and the largest cathedral in Spain. This is where the body of Christopher Colombus in buried (fun fact, only 30 percent of his body is actually there). I climbed up thirty-four ramps (people had to come here to pray every day so they have ramps instead of stairs so their horses could carry them to the top) to see the view of Seville from the top of the tower. That view is something I will never forget, it absolutely took my breath away.

Yesterday, my roommate and I took the exploring into our own hands. We went to Triana and visited the remains of El Castillo de San Jorge. This castle was a symbol of the Spanish Inquisition, and there is a lot of rich history at this now museum open to the public. I was astonished at how much of the castle they were able to preserve. This museum is connected to El Mercado de Triana, and it was fun to walk around and see the different local shops.

Next, we decided to take a  tour of a traveling Disney artwork museum. This museum held original artwork that was used during the creative process for classic Disney films. I love how Disney is a universal symbol no matter what country you are in and what language you speak.

We ended the day with a trip to a local restaurant where we had tapas and Sangria of course! Places like this are perfect for practicing Spanish and eating and drinking some incredible Spanish dishes.

Today marks reality and the mini vacation is over because classes start. I am excited to learn more about Spanish culture and get more of an opportunity to learn and practice my Spanish. Wish me luck!

Cheers to three more months of getting to explore this beautiful country!

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