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Holy Toledo

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Today I got to visit the incredibly beautiful city of Toledo, Spain. When I say incredibly beautiful, I am not lying. Today was exactly what I pictured Spain to be like. I loved every second of exploring this beautiful city!

We started off the day with taking in the view of the old city of Toledo so we could see the city as a whole. The city is like a mini labyrinth because it is surrounded by a wall that was used to protect the city during wars. Before Madrid became the capital of Spain, Toledo was the capital of Spain. When the capital moved, a lot of the money and population moved as well. Now the main economy of Toledo is tourism.

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Holy Toledo?” This is because of the rich religious history of Toledo, Spain.

One thing that I think is incredible about Toledo, is that they used to have a community of Christians, Jews and Muslims that lived together in the city, which was basically unheard of during that time. The three cultures are all mixed when it comes to the city in general and their various monuments. We got to visit a beautiful Jewish synagogue that was actually built by the Muslims, so the architecture is more like a mosque. We also got to visit a gorgeous active monastery that was built for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand.

In Madrid, we got to see some of El Greco’s masterpieces at the museum, and in Toledo, we got to see one of his most famous pieces that belongs to a beautiful church. El Greco’s piece is extremely old, yet this piece in Toledo is still picture perfect and preserved beautifully.

My favorite historical monument that we saw today was the Catedral de Santa Maria de Toledo. It was absolutely breathtaking. This cathedral is considered to be one of the top three gothic style cathedrals in the world. The intricate detail of the inside of the cathedral was incredible and the stain glassed windows were stunning.


Toledo has completely stolen my heart and has made me fall even more in love with the beautiful country of Spain. Onto the next adventure in Seville!

Next Stop: Seville, Spain

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